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Proudly Building the Brock Eagles Football Tradition since 2011.



The mission of the Brock Eagle Booster Club is to produce an environment that inspires athletes, students, coaches, parents and the community to create a positive, electrifying atmosphere for the Eagles football program by stirring a spirit of competition, building tradition, honoring rivalries and creating opportunities for the team and its members to be publicly recognized and identified as valuable resources in our community. 


Brock Eagle Booster Club exists to support the development of hard working, dedicated, competitive student athletes in the Brock ISD Football Program in Grades 7-12. Participation in athletics can instill values for a lifetime; values that not only produce championship caliber teams, but productive citizens, later in life.

  • Annual Scholarships to graduating players of BEBC Members

  • Medical evaluation after every varsity game for injured players

  • Upgraded safety equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Equipment and Facility improvements

  • Meals for JV and Varsity players during away games

  • Resources and Programs for football athletes and coaches

  • Concession stand services and Spirit Merchandise Sales

  • Members receive vital communication all year long about upcoming events and important information


Forget me.

Remember we.

Brock Eagles Football 2019


Program History

Established 2011

Brock ISD added football to its extracurricular program in 2011.  The program started at the junior high of that same year.  In 2012, Brock played a high school schedule as a Junior Varsity team, though the team did win games over two varsity opponents.  In 2013, though not eligible for postseason play, the team played a full varsity schedule going 8-2.  In 2014 Brock joined a district and finished 12-2, advancing to the state quarterfinals.  In only their second UIL eligible season in 2015, the team went 16-0, winning the Class 3A, Division I State Championship defeating Cameron Yoeman 43-33.  The Eagles averaged 55.5 points and allowed 9.8 points per game that season. 

District Champions

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

State Quarterfinalists

2014, 2016

State Semifinalists

2018, 2019

State Finalists


State Champions



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